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Let's Thrive, Not Survive


all of us are facing unprecedented challenges and stresses right now, both personally, professionally and both.

I am no different, the COVID epidemic kicked in as I was ending one major contract and about to start another. This dried up and left me with a hole in my income and cash flow and some of my smaller customers have put things on hold.

The challenges I face are no different to many others and I am in better shape than many who are really struggling or have already closed the doors on their dreams and ambitions. These are indeed sad times.

There are positives! People across our communities are coming together to support and offer help. As business owners, workers and experienced experts, I feel we can all do the same and make a difference to one another.

My skills lie in Marketing, Creativity and Sales and have worked with businesses large and small on how to use marketing to generate business and this is needed now more than ever (Customer retention right now is also a priority).

I am not going to pretend to be some huge highly successful guru, I am not and have never wanted to be. I can and just want to help others with the knowledge and expertise I have to offer.

This is why for the duration of Lock down (which I fear will go on for a while yet). I am offering, Free help, guidance and consultations to businesses look for initiatives and find ways to come out of this in the best possible shape and ready to drive forward.

I cannot promise miracles, but I can offer ideas and expertise that may be useful to you at this time.

If you would like to ask a question (Don't be shy, there are no stupid questions), or book time in for a call/video chat? Please call me on 0191 486 2524 or email me

Together we can get through this and by sharing talent locally we can start to thrive not just survive.

Take care, Good luck and Keep Safe.


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