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Let's Get Bedlington Back to Business

Free One to One Marketing and Sales Consultancy 

The impact of the COVID pandemic has touched everyone and especially businesses who have seen work and sales dry up and for some the loss of staff. This has also impacted me. 

We are now seeing the first rays of things getting back to a type of normal (whatever this new norm is) and businesses now need to invest and drive marketing and sales to re-establish cash flow and their business standing. It is for this reason that I am offering local businesses the chance for 'Free one to one consultancy to offer advice, ideas, and guidance to kick start business.


What you need to do.

  • Review your existing sales and services – Do these still work?, are customers still interested in, or need what you offer?

  • Identify new target markets and start to promote and communicate with customers.

  • Use all channels to market and raise awareness of your business and spread the word.

  • Create and deliver offers and promotions to attract new customers.

  • Generate new customers and leads.

I have been helping businesses address Marketing and Sales challenges for over 12 years and have two consultancies one specialising in Technology businesses, the other for all others.


I come from the North East and now live in Bedlington and want to help my community and local businesses not only survive but start to thrive.

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Lets Make Great Things Happen

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How Will The Consultancy Benefit My Business?

  • We will review your current position and assess what changes can be made to firm up sales and the customer base.

  • We will formulate and discuss ideas that you can implement to help the business grow.

  • You will learn ways and tactics that can be used to attract more customers.   

  • You will get answers to questions about the right tactics 

  • We can start to build a marketing roadmap plan to get the business back on track.


Take advantage of this offer and get some guidance and advice on how you can get back on track and win more business.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this please get in touch.

Have a Question call me on 0191 486 2524