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Mission Log: Completing a Successful Mission 

Predicting ROI


All businesses must look to obtain a financial return on any investment made and marketing is often asked to guarantee ROI. Just as a salesman cannot guarantee a sale, marketers encounter a plethora of influencing factors that can prohibit a guaranteed return.


It is important to be aware of the many variable factors involved in creating the ROI.


Common Marketing Variables


There are many internal and external factors that will influence the outcome and delivery of ROI,  these cannot always be controlled or measured.  It has also been identified that prospects alone require between 7-11 touches before being sales ready. Below are a few examples of factors that can influence ROI;


Data – Is it good quality? Are the messages hitting qualified decision makers?

Industry – What is happening in the industry?  What are the trends and do they need your solution?

Economics – Global and local economics influence sales and purchasing timeframes

Sales Performance – Are sales followed up and closed? – What is the length of the cycle?

Brand – Is your company known or trusted? Have they seen your logo or heard about your company?

Content – Does it talk the right language? Is it valuable and informative?

Timing – Are there periods/trends within industries that influence purchasing decisions?


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Mission Log: Following Up Your Leads 


In order to be successful you need business and in order to win new business you need to follow up your sales leads effectively. 


Many businesses make the fundamental mistake of not following up enquiries in a timely fashion and with every hour and day that passes, the chances of you converting the opportunity diminish. Often sales fail to follow up leads, leaving marketing to take the blame and business owners thinking marketing investment doesn't work. 


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