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Rocket Your Business to the Next Level with Simple and Affordable  Marketing and Lead Generation

From eBooks to Social, Websites to Lead Generation Get Help and Support to Succeed. 

Planning Your Mission


Supporting Growing Business with Cost-Effective Marketing

For many small and growing businesses, having the skills, time, or know-how to deliver effective marketing and get new customers can be challenging. Many business owners and leaders don’t necessarily have the skillset or time needed to market the business effectively. Engaging glossy marketing agencies can be intimidating and very expensive.


On the flip side, outsourcing to some far-flung destination can provide a cheaper alternative, often delivering poor results.  


Simple, Effective and Affordable

You Have Options 
1. Do nothing and get left behind.
2. Engage a glossy marketing agency and spend a small fortune.
3. Outsource to sum far-flung destination who deliver poor quality work.
4. Work with me and access the same talent and resources of the marketing agency for a lower cost. 

Expand the capabilities of your business with The Marketing Specialist.


Working with me, you can benefit from over 15 years of Sales and Marketing experience. Gain instant access to a team of industry professionals, including Copywriters, Strategists, Creative Brains and Commercially Astute Sales Professionals, all to help shape and guide your Marketing and Lead Generation activities.​

Whether you want more customers or someone to just manage your social media I can help.

If you're serious about growing your business? Or want excellent marketing content for an affordable fee, then you're in the right place.





Get the options that best suit your mission.  

Whether just starting on your marketing journey, looking to fill the sales funnel with new opportunities, or wanting to be social and connect with new potential customers?

I can help. 

Based on your needs, I will create a package or project that matches your needs and industry. 


Create a Mission Plan with the Experts 

After getting in touch, we will arrange a call or meeting to discuss your current position, ambitions and guide you through what will work best and deliver the right ROI for your business.


This normally involves a short online meeting to complete the necessary fact-finding, establish goals, set expectations and ensure that we are targeting the right prospects, in the right places with the right message and offer. 


Launch and have a successful mission

Once we have defined the focus of your activities, we engage our creative and copy teams to pull your marketing together. 

Once complete, these will be forwarded to you for sign off and any amends you suggest, ensuring everything is just right.

Then sit back and relax whilst we deliver your campaigns, new sales leads and feedback on results along with suggested next steps.

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Take Your Marketing

to the Next Dimension 

Email & Digital 

Blogs & Content

 Social Media

lead generation

"78% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months."

We can ensure that your target customers see your name, offers, and services, on a fully branded and engaging email delivered right into their inbox. 

I will work with you to create the right design, messaging and calls to action to not only build awareness of your Company/Brand but generate new sales opportunities and revenue. 


Being social on a regular basis can be challenging, especially if you have a business to run.


​For example, we can provide you with daily social posts to your chosen channels and manage these if required. We can also help with Facebook, and LinkedIn Paid advertising.  


Having a “Social” presence is no longer a choice but a necessity if you want your business to be taken seriously.


Collateral like flyers, eBooks and case studies can be the difference in someone choosing to spend money with you. Answering questions and informing your prospective customers helps to drive engagement and sales. 

This creates engagement and helps drive people to your website with organic SEO. Reaching the first page of google requires content, which is a critical part of any company’s growth strategy.  

We offer a range of options from eBooks and Infographics, To Case studies and Videos; whatever you need, we can help define and deliver.

Sometimes it can be challenging to find new opportunities for yourself or the sales team, and knowing where to go can be perplexing.  

My experience in sales and marketing allows me to understand the buyer's journey and create lead generation campaigns that qualify leads to the right standard for your sales team. 

Your business will have experienced and well-qualified Telemarketing and Demand Generation experts to guide, shape, and help grow your business. Ensuring the process and systems are in place to get the best return on investment.

Want to Know more? 

Download our Mission Guides 


Select Your Destination

We believe in keeping things simple and have pre-programmed Monthly Mission Options tailored to your business needs and budget.


You can also work with us on an ad-hoc basis, or build the package you want by visiting 'Mission Control' and selecting the options that meet your needs. We will also act as your virtual Marketing Manager and determine the best options to achieve the mission goals. 

Examples of Marketing Packages to Help You Grow  


Regular Launch Package 

Get bespoke monthly blogs written by experts to help boost google ranking, position you as an expert and trusted advisor, attracting new customers and opportunities.  

Send an email with your company branding to drive engagement, new enquiries and promote your special offers.

Social Media posts to create followers and engagement for your business and brand.  

Range of additional options such as  Website, PPC, Landing pages etc. 

Dedicated Account Management.  

Monthly Reporting and Statistics.

Business Voyager Package 

Get bespoke monthly blogs written by experts to help boost google ranking, position you as an expert and trusted advisor, attracting new customers and opportunities.  

Send an email with your company branding to drive engagement, new enquiries and promote your special offers.

Social Media posts to create followers and engagement for your business and brand.

Quarterly high-value content creation for content marketing to drive people to your

website and generate new sales leads. 

Virtual Marketing Director Consultancy.

Dedicated Account Management.  

Monthly Reporting and Statistics.

A Range of Interstellar Options to Choose From

  • B2B and B2C GDPR Compliant Data packages.

  • Telemarketing / Lead Generation / Appointment Setting. 

  • Design and Branding Services. 

  • Bespoke Content. 

  • Copy Writing and Translation Services.

  • Business Coaching and Consultancy. 

  • Digital Marketing. 

  • Web Design. 

  • PPC and LinkedIn Management. 

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Make First Contact 

Whether adventures in Marketing are alien, or you’re a seasoned explorer looking for answers. I am here to help you make the right decision for your business. Use the form below to get in touch. 

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Mission Control

Whether you need a “one-off” project or are looking to create the perfect marketing plan, our services  will provide all that your business requires—for a fraction of the pricey agencies charge


Getting your business, services, and products in front of potential customers is critical, and email is one of the channels that can help do just that.  Together we create the right messaging and offers to get attention and attract interest.


Blogs keep customers informed and position you as the expert and help drive website visitors and drive conversions. In addition, having relevant content which is updated regularly help your Google rankings and SEO.


Word of mouth recommendation is still the best sales tool any business can have. Social Media is conversation in the digital age, and like it or loathe it, it’s a vital tool in your marketing and sales kit. Attract and Engage new customers and followers to build your company.


Information and Data on potential customers is the foundation of any marketing strategy. Get this wrong, and your messages and efforts are wasted. We can help define and source GDPR compliant business data to ensure you can succeed.


Whether it’s a Brochure, Flyer, Infographic, Video or new Website, we have the expertise and a team to take your vision and turn these into a creative reality. With access to a team of designers, copywriters and videographers, whatever you need can be delivered. 


From an exhibition or roundtable to a  webinar or virtual cocktail making, we can help. Pulling together the event, invitations, topics and follow up engagement emails, we ensure everything runs smoothly, and you get the most from your investment.


Excellent Lead Generation tactics and Telemarketing can build a solid and valuable sales pipeline and conversion for your business. We connect you to the right team who understand your industry to get you appointments and customers.


Give your business the expertise and experience it needs with consultancy and a virtual Marketing Director. Get the support and guidance you need without increasing headcount, whether you’re looking at a new product/service development or simply doing more effective Marketing. We can help.

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