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  • Bespoke monthly Blog for your business

  • Bespoke monthly Email Send, branded for your business

  • Social Media Posts to support your business and campaign

  • Quarterly high-value Content Creation

  • Monthly Reporting & Statistics

  • 5 Days Lead Generation (Telemarketing)  

  • Virtual Marketing Director Consultancy (1 day per month)

Interstellar Package -  From £1999 per Month

Launch Package - From £499 Per Month

  • Bespoke monthly Blog for your business

  • Bespoke monthly Email Send, branded for your business

  • Social Media Posts to support your business and campaign

  • Monthly Reporting & Statistics

  • Bespoke monthly Blog for your business

  • Bespoke monthly Email Send, branded for your business

  • Social Media Posts to support your business and campaign

  • Monthly Reporting & Statistics

  • Quarterly high-value Content Creation 

  • Virtual Marketing Director Consultancy (1 Hour per month)

Voyager Package - From £999 Per Month

Select Your Destination

We believe in keeping things simple and have a number of pre-programmed Monthly Mission Options tailored to your business needs and budget.


If these don’t suit your needs, you can work with us on an ad-hoc basis, or build the package you

want by visiting Mission Control and selecting the options that meet your needs.

Rocket Your Business to the Next Level With Simple and Affordable  Marketing & Lead Generation


1 - Select the options that best suit your needs 

Whether just starting out on your marketing journey? or looking to fill the funnel with new opportunities for the sales team? We have an option to meet your needs.


Take a look at our Monthly Packages and Options and select the ones that best match your needs.


2 - Connect with our  marketing team


Click our options button, select and click send and our team spring into action. We look to arrange a call to discuss your options and guide you through the next steps.


This normally involves a short online meeting with our team to understand your business, complete the necessary fact finding to ensure that we are targeting the right prospects with the right kind of message.


3 - Deliver your marketing and grow your business


Once we have agreed the focus of your campaigns. We engage our creative and copy teams to pull your marketing together. These will be forwarded to you for sign off and include two rounds of amends, to make sure everything is just right.


Then sit back and relax whilst we deliver your campaigns and feedback the results along with the suggested next steps.

Want to Know More?

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Planning Your Mission

For many growing businesses, having the skills, time or know-how to deliver effective marketing can be a challenge.  Engaging glossy marketing agencies can be intimidating and expensive. On the flip side, outsourcing to some far-flung destination can provide a cheaper alternative,  but often delivers poor quality results.  


Simple, Effective and Affordable


Expand the capabilities of your business with The Marketing Specialist. Working with us you have instant access to a team of industry professionals including, Copywriters, Strategist, Creative Brains and Commercially Astute Sales Professionals,  to help shape and guide your marketing and lead generation activities.

If you’re serious about growing your business? Looking for a team to listen and support your business goals? Or want great marketing content for an affordable fee then you are in the right place.


Talk to us - Call 01908 382109 

Make First Contact 

Whether marketing is alien to you,  or you’re a seasoned explorer looking for answers. Our friendly team are available to help you make the right decision for your business.

Use your communicator and call 01908 382109

Use electronic mail -


Mission Control


Gain influence and keep your customers and prospects coming back to your website, by delivering interesting and compelling blogs. Not only will these position you as the expert and thought leader in your field, but also helps drive traffic to your website with organic SEO. Regular blogging can make a real impact to your business. Our Blog packages start from just £99 per month.


Getting in front of your customers is critical to promote your business and sell your products or services. Email is still one of the most effective methods. Our team will work with you to create the right messaging, calls to action and look and feel to attract your customer’s attention and interest.  Email is included in our Monthly Packages, but stand alone start from just £175 for design, build, copy and send.

Social Media

Word of Mouth recommendation is still the best sales tool. Social Media is conversation in the new digital age, and is important to build your following, attract potential customers, better understand your audience and reinforce your brand. Social Media is included in all our packages but stand alone options start from just £125 per month.

Data & Contacts

Getting the right data to use for your marketing activities is vital. Our team can help you intelligently select and define your target audience by size, vertical, job title, turnover, geography and more. Getting this right can be the difference between failure and success.  Our Data Services start from just £275 per thousand records.

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Telemarketing - Lead Generation

In conjunction with marketing activity,  great telemarketing is a crucial step in creating new sales opportunities. Our dedicated Telemarketing teams have a wealth of experience calling across different verticals, business levels and how to get results.  Our expert Telemarketing Options come in flexible blocks of 5 days from just £155 per day.

Marketing Consultancy

Give your business the expertise and experience it needs with a Virtual Marketing Director. Whether you are looking for guidance on launching a new product/service,  or an expert to manage your marketing and sales engagement we can help. Our rates for Consultancy start from as little as £300 a day.

Design & Creative

Whether you need a new brochure, flyer, video or want to revamp your website, our experienced and free thinking design team will work with you to turn your vision into a creative reality. Our creative team will cost your requirements but our rates are far more competitive than agency rates.

Event Promotion

If you’re running a Webinar, Seminar or Exhibition you can take advantage of our Promotion Packages. These include; multiple Emails, Social Media and Communications to attract and retain visitors or participants to your event.  Our comprehensive Event Promotion Packages start from as little as £699.

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Whether it’s a "one off" project or you want to build the perfect marketing package,  our menu of services has everything your business needs and for a fraction of the Glossy agency pricing
 Affordable Monthly Options to Steer You to Success From Just £99 

Take Your Marketing

to the Next Dimension 

Want to Know more? 


Having the resources to align your marketing and sales efforts is a challenge for many SME businesses. With our Lead Generation Options, we can create new qualified sales opportunities to grow your turnover and your business. Your business will have , experienced  and well qualified telemarketing and demand generation experts to guide, shape and help grow your business. 

lead generation

Sometimes being social can be hard, especially if you have a business to run. Our packages provide you with daily social posts to promote your business and reach out across cyberspace to connect with new potential customers. Having a “Social” presence is no longer a choice but a necessity if you want your business to be taken seriously.

Every month you will have a bespoke and compelling blog to drive people to your website, positioning your business as the expert in your field. Not only does this create engagement but also helps drive people to your website with organic SEO. With our content options, you can also create high value content for download and promotion to create even more engagement and trust in your company.

Blogs & Content

 Social Media

Every month your target customers can see your Company name, Offers,  and Services on a fully branded and engaging email delivered right into their inbox.  Our team work with you to create the right design, messaging and calls to action (CTA’s) to not only build awareness of your Company, but generate new sales opportunities.

Pre-Mission Briefing
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